Water Bags Filters - Water filtering

  • Liquid Filter Bags

    HARDY FILTRATION inc. provides Filter Bags designed to meet the requirements of all types of liquid filtration applications. Here are styles of filter bag media:   Felt Polyester Felt Polypropylene Nylon Monofilament Polyester Multifilament Oil Removal Filter Bag Download PDF datasheet
  • Filter Bag Housings

    Filter Bag Housings are compact, space saving and designed for optimum filtration performance. The range provides filtration solutions for a broad variety of fluid applications in the process industry using bag filter technology. Filter Bag Housings are manufactured in accordance to meet the high demands of the process industries.   They can be used in processing chemicals, petroleum derivatives, coolants, cutting oils, cleaning fluids, waxes, paints, inks, resins, varnishes, lacquers, pharmaceuticals, plasticisers, plastisols, food stuffs, vegetable oils and edible oils. They are particularly useful for filtering large volumes of high viscosity liquids. Download PDF datasheet