Dust Collector Bags - Dust collector

  • Asphalte Industries

    Hardy Filtration manufactures and supplies a wide variety of products accessories like those you require for your plant operation, for any OEM and any layout.

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  • GUARDIAN - Conditionning Agent For Filters

    Made from a carefully engineered blend of low-density, porous, amorphous silica powder (perlite). Designed for use in dust collectors, Guardian Precoat is the #1 choice for precoat material on filter bags, pleated elements and cartridges.

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  • Leak Detection

    Reduces down time :

    » Quickly confirms leaks, either through filters or through the cell plate (cracks, etc.);

    » Quickly gives you precise location of leaks;

    Permits you to replace only the damaged filters (bags, pleated elements, cartridges);

    » Reducing filters acquisition costs; and

    » Reducing replacement down time.

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  • Dust Collectors Parts, Accessories & Services

    Fabrication, supply of dust collectors parts and technical services for your dust collection systems.

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  • Technical Services

    - Technical consulting

    - Mechanical works

    - Technical training

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  • DP Services

    Revolutionnary Technology Bringing "Back to Life" used filter bags and pleated elements. Call one of our specialists who will provide you with a dp efficiency estimate for your operation, Download PDF datasheet
  • Dust Collector Bags

    HARDY FILTRATION can custom design and fabricate a filter bag to meet your needs. We also offer equivalent replacement to original bags. Multi-pocket, double, bin vent, or any other type of sewn bag can easily be designed by our engineering department. Download PDF datasheet