Panel filters - Air filtering

  • AM5-AM5T-AM1

    AM filter, with a wire frame, is an excellent alternative to cardboard frame type air filters. The polyester media is very resistant to high levels of humidity. This type of filter is used in light commercial and residential applications.

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  • AMAC -2

    AMAC-2 Filters are constructed of two synthetic layers sealed over a metal wire frame. The first layer, dry and white, acts as a prefilter to remove the medium and large particles. The second layer, blue with an adhesive, removes and retains the smaller particles.  AMAC-2 Panel Filters are designed to fit any standard HVAC application.


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  • FV30-FS50-FS50T

    The filtering element is made of progressive density fiberglass with an adhesive to increase the dust holding capacity. The FV30 filters are recommended for general filtration in commercial applications.

    The use of FV30 or FS50T prevents accumulation of dust and other contaminants on the coils, fans and ventilation ducts.  FS50T filters have an adhesive on the air leaving side in order to obtain a higher dust holding capacity and dust migration. 

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  • EXcel Panel - AMM4P

     The EXcel panel is manufactured of high quality multi-density polyester. MERV9

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  • Synthetic Panel Filters AMM3P

    The AMM3P panel is manufactured of high quality multi-density polyester. MERV 8.

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