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    HARDY FILTRATION offers quality products that meet or exceed the needs in the industry   ANDREAE FILTERS - The best disposable filter for Paint Booths.   OTHER PRODUCTS: AMSP-2 - Panel Filters are designed to fit any standard HVAC applications and Cross Draft Booths. They are normally found in the booth doors. DUSTGUARD - Progressive density panels - DustGuard Panels are designed for Cross Draft and Downdraft Booths when higher quality paint is used. HE AMHE - For paint spray booths and prep stations -Progressive structure with densified clean air side and with scrim (inter laid), thermo‑bonded.   Special anti-migration treatment with ecolo­gically sound dust binder (tackifier) <R1>. Special rotary blade cuts, no cutting powder Migration proof (tackified) filter media for cross draft, downdraft paint spray booths and prep stations MFD580 - For paint spray booths and prep stations-  Optimal progressive structure and layers of different fiber deniers, thermo-bonded. Clean air side calendared and scrim (interlaid) thermally bonded.  Ceiling filter media for paint spray booths. PAPER COLLECTOR FILTERS - The element is constructed of layers of expanded paper. The progressive density of the filter allows for a high paint holding capacity. FIBERGLASS - MSA-22  / PA 14 / PA 18 PRODUCTS FOR DUST COLLECTORS : Many different products are available depending on your application.  Please call a sales representative to ensure the right product for your application. OUR SERVICES: Evaluation of your paint booth needs  - Air flow tests and pressure readings - Practicle and affordable solutions 

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